Wood Carvings in Gröden/Gardena

This comprehensive art collection offers a stroll through four centuries of wood carving traditions in Gröden/Gardena.

You can view and admire sacred sculptures made by the first sculptors Trebinger and Vinazer, etc. the original baroque sculptures from the St.-Jacobs's Church near St. Ulrich / Ortisei, as well as outstanding works by local artists of the early 20th Century. The carved Nativity scenes and the famed Summit Cross of Sëurasas are especially noteworthy.

A fascinating selection of profane (secular) popular art expresses the humorous creativity of the wood carvers of Gröden/Gardena from the 17th to the 19th Century. These examples of small art are rich in motifs and, just like wooden toys, were fashioned by the artists in the long winter months as a side-line before being sent on their way throughout Europe by merchants.