Luis Trenker (1892–1990)

An entire section has been dedicated to the memory of the famous alpinist, Luis Trenker. Luis Trenker was born in St. Ulrich / Ortisei and attained considerable fame in the field of mountain-climbing and acting, and was a pioneer in the area of the German Bergfilm ("mountain film") genre of the 1920s and 30s. In addition to his career in film, he also appeared in television and contributed greatly to popularizing South Tyrol and its mountains throughout the German-speaking world.

Luis Trenker was born on October 4, 1892 in St. Ulrich / Ortisei (Gardena Valley). In 1924, he entered the film industry and had a major impact upon the Bergfilm ("mountain film") genre. Trenker was not only an actor, screenplay writer, and film director, but foremost a passionate mountain climber. Following his film career, his work as a television narrator helped spread the fame of South Tyrol and its beautiful mountains, and he is still a widely recognized and beloved figure in this context. Luis Trenker died in 1990 and was buried in his home village.

It was Luis Trenker's personal wish that his legacy be preserved and displayed in the Gröden/Gardena Museum. In keeping with his wishes, his heirs donated his entire artistic legacy to the Gherdëina Museum in March of 2004. In 1990, an initial collection of personal items was donated to the museum. Both collections have now been combined in the "Luis Trenker Archive" and digitally recorded in the context of a project. Until the museum is redesigned, selected items from the archive will be presented in a separate section.
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