Heinrich Moroder's collection introduces the enchanting world of the Dolomites, with magnificent minerals from the Seiser Alm such as analcime, apophyllite, calcite, prehnite, and more. The exhibition is enriched with a variety of locally typical minerals from neighbouring mining areas.
The area between Schlern, Langkofel, Sella, and Seceda, with the high plateaus of the Seiser Alm, is considered one of the centres for the geological and mineralogical exploration of the Dolomites. Only in a few places worldwide is the preservation of an underwater landscape with reef bodies, carbonate platforms, lagoons, and deep-sea arms so excellently preserved as here.
Some of the most beautiful mineral specimens from the Seiser Alm and Val Gardena can be found in the Museum Gherdëina. They were sought by Heinrich Moroder de Doss and other local mineral collectors, extracted from the rock formations, brought home and kept in their personal display case for a long time. To preserve them for future generations and make them accessible to a wide audience, these gems of the inorganic world are exhibited in the museum and documented through photography. (Volkmar Maier)
Natrolith, Piz Sella
Natrolith, Piz Sella