From the sea to the Dolomites, the fossils tell their tale

Guide to the Geological and Paleontological Collection of the Museum Gherdëina
with Andrea TINTORI

In its geological and paleontological department, the Museum Gherdëina exhibits the leading fossils of all geological eras and layers in the Dolomites. Paleontologist Andrea Tintori, since 2021 honorary curator of the museum‘s Geo-Paleontology Department, now explains the formation of the Dolomites in this series of six
videos: generally understandable, exciting and educational.

1 Before the sea (Val Gardena Sandstone) Link video 1
2 Finally, the sea (Bellerophon Formation – Late Permian, around 253 Ma) Link video 2
3 Life recovers after the big crisis (Werfen Formation) Link video 3
4 From emersion to marine environmental diversification (Buchenstein Formation) Link video 4
5 The last wide tidal flat (Dolomia Principale) Link video 5
6 The youngest marine fossils of the Dolomites (Puez Marls) Link video 6
Total duration 20 min.
Link Video 1–6
Concept, narrator: Andrea Tintori, Former Professor of Paleontology-Retired / Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra “A. Desio“, Unimi; Triassica – Institute of Triassic Lagerstätten. Curator of the Geo-Paleontological collection of the Museum Gherdëina
Coordination and editorial: Paulina Moroder, director Museum Gherdëina
Cutting: Daria Becella
English translation: Marta Boccaletti
English speaker: Francesco Tintori
Photos: Flavio Prinoth, Johann Comploj, Robert Moroder, Wolfgang Moroder, Jamila Moroder.
Music: ENVATO.
Editor: Museum Gherdëina 2021
Realized with the kind support of: Office for Ladin Culture and Youth of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol, Italy; Seceda Cableways AG.